Rock With the Pro’s - Spring 2019

Sundays @ 2pm (ages 9-18) 4/14/19-6/23/19

Rehearsals take place on Sunday afternoons from 2pm to 4pm at Twin Cities Music School on Como Ave.

  • Learn 3-4 songs which are worked on 1 on 1 during already scheduled weekly lessons
  • 12 weeks of 2-hour, group rehearsal/lessons on Sunday afternoons with coaching to make them come together as a group/band
  • 1-2 clinics discussing performance techniques and stage presence
  • Opening for local rock legends, Mutt, on Sunday, 6/23/19 from 12:30-3:00pm at CanCan Wonderland.

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  • Great opportunity for enhancing music skills
  • 25 extra hours of coaching
  • Recording experience with a professional’s equipment
  • Inspires teamwork, confidence, and group dynamics
  • Students will work together to play from various musical styles: Rock, Pop, and Country songs


  • You must be enrolled in private lessons to join.
  • Open to all students ages 9-18 who are able to play or sing a few songs on their instrument

Class sizes will never be more than ten students with a minimum of three students needed to have the program. During the course students will learn how to play songs with others. They will be taught with a fun an interactive method.There will be no rehearsal/lessons on Sunday, May 26th, 2019.

Register by 4/14/19 to save your spot!

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