About The Twin Cities Music School

Our Story

We are parents, teachers, musicians, and entrepreneurs. We have children and busy lives like many of you. As parents, we value the positive role that music education plays in our children’s lives. It is a great privilege to be able to share this amazing experience with you!

Our Philosophy/Pledge

Our lessons are customized to the needs of each individual student. Teachers are flexible in their teaching and offer a variety of one on one activities such as, learning to play an instrument, playing and singing, songwriting, music arrangement, music production, performance, and learning to read music.

We believe that music has the ability to transform a child’s life.  Music lessons that are fun lead to inspired children.  We offer music lessons that allow kids to experience success and accomplishment. Want to enroll?

Music can change lives. We strive to create a positive and impactful experience for our students. We know that we have reached our mark when our students leave their lessons feeling energized and happy. Music lessons can be so much more than just learning to play an instrument. Music is simply what brings us together. The unparalleled experience and teacher-student relationships are what leave a lasting impression. Music is life.

Music is simply what brings us together, but lessons can be so much more than just learning to play an instrument. As teachers/mentors, we strive to create positive and impactful experiences that transform our students’ lives. We know that we have fulfilled our role when students leave their lessons feeling energized and happy. Our hope is to develop positive mentor-student relationships that build character and leave a lasting impression.

Our Mentors/Instructors

We are professional musicians and we are passionate about music. We also have families of our own so we understand the importance of having music in our children’s lives. We want each student to realize and reach their fullest music potential while enjoying the process. We love both music and teaching and we want to share that with you!

Kelly Weeks

Kelly Weeks

Director of Operations | Lead Instructor

Kelly Weeks is a talented, young, and energetic musician who began his musical career as a singer/songwriter, playing solo and with bands in the Minneapolis, Boston and Orlando areas.  

Kelly teaches:
guitar, bass guitar, piano, banjo, mandolin, ukulele, writing & composing, mixing & mastering

Samantha Walters

Samantha Walters

Music Instructor

Samantha has taught music lessons for over six years and has thoroughly enjoyed every second. She enjoys building rapport with students and watching them grow through their love and passion for music. When she is not teaching, playing, or singing, she enjoys cooking, hiking, and trying new DIY projects.

Samantha teaches:

voice, piano, guitar, ukulele

Ben Ehrlich

Ben Ehrlich

Music Instructor

Ben Ehrlich is a Minnesota native musician who specializes in a wide variety of instruments and styles.

Ben teaches:
drums, guitar, ukulele, piano

Kay Jay Olson

Kay Jay Olson

Music Instructor

With every student, Kay Jay hopes to instill a love of music that will carry into their adult lives and build up the skills to make music in a variety of setting.

Kay Jay teaches:
voice, piano, saxophone, mixing and master, songwriting and composing

Drew Kellum

Drew Kellum

Music Instructor

Drew Kellum (sometimes stylized as Drew d’Lakes) is a multi-instrumentalist who explores the nooks of pop, classical, and free improvised music. Drew studied classical guitar with Maja Radovanlija at the University of Minnesota (Twin Cities) where he graduated in 2015. In a composed setting, he has worked on cartoonish chamber music for a large scale puppet show (Action Sequence – 2017), experimental solo pieces for violin (The Wallower’s Sail – 2018), a touring outdoor performance art piece (Driftwomen - 2018), and more recently, a collection of high energy indie glam pop songs for his band, d’Lakes (2019-present). In an improvised setting, Drew has performed in the annual Drone not Drones festival at the Cedar Cultural Center with Balung Getih and for the Weisman Art Museum's grand reopening with Satu Jiwa.

Drew teaches:

guitar, bass guitar, piano, mandolin, ukulele, and cello

Enroll at Twin Cities Music School 

Private Lessons at Twin Cities Music School is an incredible way to be introduced to learning to play music. Beginners and experienced students alike will develop their skills further and set and achieve goals they didn’t think they were capable of.

Piano, Keyboard


Guitar, Bass

Trumpet, Trombone, Clarinet, Saxophone, Flute

Writing, Composing


Ukulele, Banjo, Mandolin

Violin, Cello